CPSO instructs doctors to prescribe medication or refer patients to psychotherapy if they are Covid-19 jab hesitant


The CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) has released a disturbing informational briefing on its website instructing doctors on how to handle patients and Covid-19 vaccines. The CPSO is the regulating body that dictates what doctors can and can’t do in the province of Ontario.

An updated briefing posted on the CPSO website gives doctors strict guidelines on when they can and can’t provide vaccine exemptions. Essentially, you can only be allowed an exemption if you suffered a reaction from a previous dose of the jab.

What’s even more troubling is if you scroll down just a little further it talks about people having anxiety about the Covid-19 jab and what doctors should do in that case. It instructs doctors to prescribe medication or refer a patient to psychotherapy if they show “avoidance behaviour.”

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What nonsense! No one is hesitant about getting the covid vaccines. Hesitant implies that one is undecided. At this point in time anyone not having the vaccine has firmly decided that, for whatever reason, they are not going to get it. If they haven’t been coerced to get it by now they’re most likely never to get it, regardless of how much you shame or demonize them.

What a crock of bs. Those of us who’ve not gotten these toxic experimental jabs now never will. Many have family and friends who are injured or passed away feom these toxic experimental jabs. As for ot being classed as hesitant it’s not hesitancy it’s knowledge, research and understanding what the real agenda is around the toxic jabs.

Canadians. Crazy place, so hugely relieved we chose not to move there. I feel for the people living under such appalling conditions.

Where do you live? I am one of those unfortunates who live in Canada. I tried to cross into the US four weeks ago and was turned back.

Good news is that these incompetent decision makers if having had the shots themselves will soon be dead or disabled as a result and only the intelligent shot avoiders will remain to lead. Let’s be patient. Cruel but true.

I’ve donated blood 50+ times, therefore have no fear of needles. I will no longer donate my blood, as Canada Blood Services does not separate the vaccinated and unvaccinated donations. Apparently, they learned nothing from AIDS! I don’t go to allopathic doctors and have been vaccine-free for 35 years.

Since when does using common sense & critical thinking become determinants of mental health diseases? Oh! I know! When fascist/ communist ideals infiltrate our governing bodies. Individualism over collectivism people!

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